The Kingdom Protista consists of mostly unicellular organisms. All the organisms, however, live in the water in moist environments. The organisms can also be parasites and other symbionts that depend and live in other organisms. All the kingdoms of Domain Eukarya are monophyletic, besides the Kingdom Protista.  This kingdom is the category of the miscellaneous. It does not have closely related characteristics to other kingdoms nor share many with other kingdoms. Protista contains 27 phyla, which is more than average. In history, Protista was only separated into three categories, including plantlike algae, animal-like protozoans, and fungus-like slime mold. However, this system was too superficial and broad and couldn’t correctly categorize. Now categories look more into organisms. For example the sequences of the mitochondrial deoxyribonucleic acid. [75]

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What makes a Protista different from a Fungi or a Plantae?

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How does Plasmodium vivax reproduce?

Where is Plasmodium vivax carried by the mosquito to be ready to be injected into the victim?

What characteristics does Plasmodium vivax have in common with Paramecium bursaria?

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