Kingdom Plantae has 300,000 different species in this kingdom. This kingdom is important to society because it provides a source of food for other organisms in the world. Also, organisms even depend on plants to live. This kingdom evolved from aquatic organisms then spreading across Earth, needing to adapt to new environments. These environments include tropical, Arctic, desert, and Alpine regions. Even though, plants have adapted to land habitats, some still live in fresh or salt water habitats. Plants are vital to maintain life. This is because most green plants carry out a process called photosynthesis. In this process important substances are given back to the world, like oxygen. At the beginning of food chains are the green plants which are the primary producers. These producers include trees, shrubs, and herbs which all form carbohydrates to be used by animals in cell respiration. In addition to plants photosynthesis, they also can grow foods like fruit, or even raw materials that include wood, oils and rubber. They also help protect the soil from erosion. [77]

Below are different kinds of plants that are found in this kingdom. The first one would be anonvascular organism, which means the organism does not have vascular tissue and the plant cannot retain water or deliver it to the rest of the body. The second organism is an angiosperm organism, which is a plant that produces seeds enclosed within a carpel. The third organism is a gymnosperm plant. This is when the plant has seeds unprotected by an ovary or fruit.

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