Fungi includes mold, yeast, and mushrooms.  For a very long time some fungus were categorized with the plants. Fungi however have been discovered to be more closely related to animals  than to plants. One of the few characteristics fungus has that plants do is that neither kingdom has organisms that are motile.  There are many different sizes and shapes of fungus. Some are unicellular and others are multicellular.  They are able to adapt to most environments in the world.  Fungi are very important to people. They can provide food, medicine, and enzymes.  This kingdom includes organisms that have ecological and economic roles. However it can also cause diseases in plants and animals. [76]

Don't know enough about Fungi? Watch the video to learn more about what Fungi are and what they are doing by taking the negative and  making them into positive.

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How are Fungi different from all the other kingdoms?

When do the Starfish Fungus start to bloom?

Are Brain mushrooms poisonous?

When can the Brain Mushroom be found developing and growing?

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