In the kingdom Animalia there are around 9-10 million species but from those only 800,000 of those species have been identified. In this kingdom, the animals are divided into sub-groups, consisting of 36 phyla, with the main ones being only nine. This kingdom includes birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians and more.  The first animal that was found from 1.2 billion and 670 million years ago was found inside a Protist. The organism that was found was one of the simplest organisms in this kingdom.  In the ocean different fish became prey to predators. Since this occurs the nervous system told the brain to create new limbs. This also occurred with wings and limbs among vertebrates. From lobe-finned fish they had to learn how to adapt, even when it came to land. On the land reptiles were the first to come from them.  From reptiles that had to adapt they formed birds. The kingdom includes eukaryotic and heterotrophic organisms that are multicellular and lack a cell wall. All animals depend on plants for food directly and indirectly. The food that is obtained is ingested and digested and food that is not needed at that particular time is stored as glycogen or fat.  In addition, animals have a definite growth pattern,  locomotion and canreproduce. [78]

Below are three different animals in this kingdom. The animals belong to different phyla within this kingdom.  Click each organism below to learn the similarities and differences that different animals can have, and still be categorized in this kingdom.

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Animalia Quiz

What characteristic can only be found in the kingdom Animalia?

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Why is the Dumbo Octopus in the phylum Mollusca?

Which endoskeleton is closely related to the Echinodermata’s?

How do Corn snakes impact the ecosystem and society?

When is communication used for the Corn snakes?